Tips For Camping in the Rain – What to Pack and More

Camping is a fun and exhilarating activity for a lot of, but rainy weather at campsites can be quite a factor. Being properly prepared for rain will greatly enhance the camping experience.

When getting ready for the opportunity of rain when camping packing the right gear is vital. Extra clothing, shoes and underwear should be packed since these items often get wet and so they might be stored in cars if vehicles are parked close enough to the campsites. If not they could be easily saved in the tent.

Also it is important to pack ponchos, raincoats, waterproof boots and hats. All of these things should be placed in waterproof bags to make sure they’re from being wet whether or not this rains. Hand warmers and lightweight gloves should also be brought along to hold hands warm when pitching tents as well as for when tents are removed.

The best form of tent for rain needs to have the full fly sheet with ample overhang to avoid rain and mud from getting into the tent. Plus the tent must be properly sealed to help keep water from seeping into the tent if this rains. Also the tent must have a waterproof coating.

Super absorbent quick-dry towels which must be kept nearby to use to wipe up any water or mud that could get inside tent. There will be down-time at campsites especially whether or not this rains, so board games, credit cards, books, along with other items of entertainment must be brought along to feed some time.