Winter Camping Tips

Winter is an excellent time for you to go camping, even just in colder climates. With proper equipment and adequate preparation, any camper can enjoy the outdoors, even in winter.

While winter camping is increasing fast it lets you do require a whole lot more preparation than warm weather camping. You must dress yourself in suitable clothing to ward off the cold. Layer clothing is recommended. A quality four season tent to offer shelter from wet and freezing conditions is really a necessity. Cots or sleeping pads to cut back heat loss into the ground as well as a cold temperature sleeping bag with a cold temperatures rating that is certainly below the expected night time temperature are incredibly important.

Never winter camp alone. I can’t stress this enough if you live and experienced winter camper. Frost-bite and hypothermia are just 2 of the risks that you may encounter. If you have never winter camped before, take a professional winter camper on your own first attempt and learn from them. If possible it might be best if you start in your yard to exercise any kinks or rough spots. If you are using a fueled heating device of any kind, make sure that the tent is adequately ventilated to ensure carbon monoxide does not develop within the tent.

Make seen to relatives where you stand going and when you expect to send back. Have a cellular phone together with you in the event of emergency, When you arrive your chosen site, make certain that you have reception.

With the correct cold weather equipment, preparation and sound judgment, winter camping can be quite a wonderful and stimulating experience. Enjoy!!